Who Invented the MP3 Player

Have you ever wondered who invented the MP3 player? With all of the MP3 player's capabilities and entertainment functions, its origin may not be your primary concern when learning about MP3 players. The MP3 player is a relatively new piece of technology, but it was in the workings long before it entered the technology scene.

Officially, a German company called Fraunhofer-Gesellshaft is responsible for developing and putting the MP3 player on the market. In 1987, Karlheinz Brandenburg, a specialist in electronics and mathematics, led research at the Fraunhofer Institut Integrierte Shaltungen Research Center. He, along with Bernhard Grill, Thomas Sporer, Bernd Kurten and Ernst Eberlein are credited on the patent for the MP3 player.

There is another man associated with the invention of the MP3 player, though he wasn't necessarily a part of the research group at the Fraunhofer Institu Integreirte Shaltungen Research Center. Dieter Seitzer was a professor at the University of Erlangen when he assisted the group at the Fraunhofer Institut with their audio coding.

After several failed attempts at getting the MP3 player to work and a near-termination of the project all together in 1988, the group successfully created the first MP3 player and received a German patent in 1989. It took another seven years, in 1996, for the MP3 player to become patented in the US.

It took several more years for music to be made available in MP3 format. In 1999 a record company called SubPop began to make their music compatible with MP3. This was the beginning of MP3 players becoming a widespread phenomenon. It wasn't long before MP3 became the main source of music, capable of holding thousands of songs and running for hours. These days MP3 players are common, a favorite source for music. 

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