What Is the Best Place to Mount a Radar Detector

The best place to mount a radar detector varies a bit from model to model and vehicle to vehicle, but the principle is always the same. You want to maximize the device's potential to detect radar and laser beams, and make sure that you're able to reach it while you're driving to make adjustments or mute it, if necessary. The two most common areas to mount a radar detector are the center of the windshield and on the dashboard. 

Windshield Mounts
A windshield mount is best suited to a wireless radar detector, so that you won't have a radar detector cord blocking your vision of the road. There are several drawbacks to placing the radar detector in the center of the windshield. Many of the newer police laser guns send out very narrow signals, aimed at the headlights or front license plate. A detector mounted high up on a front window may not be able to pick up these signals in time to avoid detection.

Some states prohibit drivers from mounting anythingon the windshield of a vehicle. It's also fairly noticeable to law enforcement officers when a driver has a radar detector sitting on the windshield. If you live in or travel through states where detectors are prohibited, the windshield won't be an option.

Dashboard Mounts
Mounting the radar detector on the center of the dashboard, right next to the windshield, is considered to be the best place for the device to do its job. Because police radar guns and laser guns are aimed at the front of the car, a detector on the dash is more likely to pick up the signals. Keeping the radar detector on the dash also allows the driver to reach the volume and on/off controls easily without having to look away from the road.

Common Myths
There are a few myths out there concerning how and where to mount a radar detector.

  • Radar detectors don't work in bad weather. Actually, radar detectors will work just fine in rainy or snowy weather.
  • Radar detectors will always warn you of a speed trap. While the technology is advanced enough to alert a driver to most radar and laser readings, new techniques by police officers are constantly being implemented to thwart radar detectors.
  • Radar detectors are illegal. While they are illegal in some states, there are places where radar detectors are perfectly legal. However, the debate as to whether they are ethical remains unresolved.
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If a radar detector is legal in your area, it's a good way to keep from getting caught in a speed trap. Look for a high range, sensitivity to all of the Ka band and the ability to jam speed lasers.

Imagine driving down the highway and seeing in your back mirror red and blue flashing lights and hearing that siren that makes every driver's heart pump a little harder. You realize you are being pulled over and during the holidays, the police are out in full force to enforce traffic laws. However, everyone knows that all speeders are not pulled over so speed limits cannot be "strictly" enforced.

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Speed: It's something a lot of us yearn to do while in a car. You're late to your appointment; you forgot your kid gets out early; your boss told you that if you were late once more, you're fired! All of these things give us reason to speed, but is it worth the ticket? Absolutely not. This is why you should consider investing some money in a nice radar detector. Now I'm not condoning speeding. On the contrary, I'm all about keeping the roads safe for everyone!

A motorcycle radar detector can save you from an embarrassing and expensive speeding ticket. To find the best detector, you'll need to consider your riding style and the best way of getting alerts.

To make a radar detector comparison, you first need to know about the radar technology used by local police. From there, you can start to compare features.

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