How Does Satellite Radio Work

Do you know, how does satellite radio work? Advancements in radio technology have hit the space age. Satellite radio unites quality radio signals and programming with satellite technology. Now, more than 170 satellite or digital radio channels exist in a variety of genres of music, concerts, sports, and news. Content from celebrities, including Oprah or Dale Earnhardt, Jr., is available.

Digital Libraries
Digital radio stations develop content, and some obtain audio feeds from media outlets. It gathers and transmits audio content to a satellite, known as an uplink facility, which sends the signal to the satellite in space.

The Satellite System
Stations broadcast programming to a satellite, which transmits the signal back to Earth. That's roughly a 22,000 mile trip the signal makes. On the North American continent, satellite radio runs on 2.3 Ghz S band frequency. S band indicates the frequency range running from 1.55 to 5.2 Ghz. Communication and weather satellites use the same frequency.

The Receiver
The satellite transmission is received by a receiver. Every receiver contains an electronic serial number (ESN) radio ID. When a new radio activates, the radio ID receives a digitally-streaming authorization code. Then, the receiver unscrambles access to any blocked channels once the subscription is verified. CD-quality music and programming, uninterrupted by advertising or dead-air time, streams through the receiver. The receiver may be installed in a car, set up as a home theater system, or a portable music device.

In large cities, ground repeaters work as boosters, providing the signal in areas where it may be blocked. In rural areas, the repeater may be situated on a tower. Some tunnels contain repeaters, also, so local traffic and weather reports are available.

Satellite digital systems offer quality programming for enjoyment at home or in the car. And no matter where you are, the programming will be audible, not jumbled.

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