What Is a PDA

Have you ever asked yourself, what is a PDA, exactly? A PDA is your guide to an easier, clutter-free life. If you're new to the world of PDAs but think you might be interested in buying one, you need to know the essentials of PDAs before you begin your shopping.

What is a PDA?
PDA stands for personal digital assistant. Basically, it combines the features of an address book, a calendar organizer, a notebook and a phone directory. Other features are available, depending on the model. New PDAs include calculators, to-do lists and wireless connectivity to check e-mails or browse the Web. While most cell phones can send and receive e-mails through an online service, PDAs take this a step further. They can often be linked to PC-based e-mail systems and allow you to open and enclose attachments with e-mails, feats that few cell phones can perform.

Perfect for Those on the Go
One of the most popular uses for PDAs is to track your calendar. When you use a PDA calendar, you can access it from anywhere. Need to set up a follow-up meeting while you're in the middle of a board room? Simply consult your PDA; no need to call the office to check your schedule or carry around a weighty organizer.

PDAs can be surprisingly useful for mothers. Moms who have to keep track of kids' soccer practices, dance recitals and guitar practice know how vital it is to be at the right place at the right time. A PDA gives you the ability to carry around all that information at your fingertips, set alerts for important times and ensure you never miss the all-important-pickup after practice.

Medical Applications
PDAs have been rapidly growing in popularity among those in the medical profession. Medical professionals need to have access to large amounts of information to diagnose and treat patients. Medical texts are weighty and impractical to carry around, let alone consult at a patient's bedside, so it's useful to have all that information contained on a little PDA handheld.

Medical students, nursing students and medical professionals find the PDA's reference abilities extremely useful. This ability can transfer easily to any other profession where easy access to a lot of data is a daily need, so long as the applications exist to get to that data.

What is a PDA Phone?
If you're ready to upgrade to the newest PDA technology, consider a PDA phone. Many cell phone providers now offer a range of smart phones that are built around PDA technology, including calendar management, e-mail management, Web surfing, to-do lists and notepads, paired with a fully functional phone. 

By combining a phone and a PDA, you'll have one less device to carry around and fewer batteries to recharge. These devices also give you the flexibility to communicate by text, voice or e-mail. If you're addicted to texting, you may even find the slightly larger keyboards on PDAs much easier to use than those on cell phones. Now that you can asnwer the question "what is a PDA?" it might be time to buy one.  

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