Harman Kardon Makes Great Sound Equipment

In the early 1950s, engineers Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon created their own company with the goal of manufacturing high-fidelity machines which would make it easier to listen to music at home. Today, Harman Kardon makes great sound equipment and is one of the leading companies, having adapted to the changing needs of new technology.

Company history

Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon started their manufacturing company in 1953 by each investing $5,000 of their own money. With their innovative designs, the partners were able to create a single piece of sound equipment which combined multiple components into one easy-to-use unit. They called their invention a receiver, and the first model was released under the name Festival D1000. This new sound receiver was especially popular with young music lovers on college campuses and the company was off to a successful start.

After only three years, the company was worth $600,000 and Kardon was ready to retire. Harmon bought out his partner and continued to lead the company himself until 2007 -- just before his 88th birthday -- when he hired a new CEO, Dinesh Paliwel. Over the decades, Harman Kardon saw many ups and downs. Twice, the company was sold only to eventually be repurchased by Harman.

Products today

Today, Harman Kardon is known for creating high-end sound equipment. By 1999, the company had adapted to new technology by producing the CDR 2, which was the first CD audio recorder with 4x dub speed. That same year also saw the introduction of the company's highly successful SoundSticks computer speakers. Soon after came a collaboration with Microsoft to create a high-tech remote control for computers, which was followed a year later by Harmon Kardon's patented EZSet remote control for multichannel audio systems.

As a leader in home sound equipment, Harmon Kardon offers a wide range of audio systems. There are home theater systems, stereos, CD players, amplifiers and various accessories. The company also offers audio video receivers, Blu-Ray and DVD players, and several types of speakers. You can even purchase Harman Kardon multiroom systems to enjoy music throughout your entire home.

With a long history and a reputation for both high-quality audio systems and customer-focused products, many music enthusiasts turn to Harman Kardon for great sound equipment.

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