Can I Check My Text Messages Online

"Can I check my text messages online?" If you can't get to your phone, this feature might come in handy. However, online access to text messages can lead to violations of privacy. For example, some people may wish to monitor another person's text messages. While there are ways to route text messages through a computer, there should be plenty of pre-arranged setup involved. It generally can't be done without the primary account holder's approval.

Messages Are Private
Cell phone companies want to ensure that their customer's text messages are private; therefore, employees structure the communication network so that it is not easily accessible without information about the primary account. Some cell phone services, such as T-Mobile, do feature mobile e-mail options for accounts similar to text messaging. Other cell phone companies have software programs that can allow messages to be routed through the primary account holder's computer for storage. If this is the case, than the primary account holder can log on and view information on previously sent SMS text messages. Some services just offer the time and date, while others allow the entire message to be saved. However, there is no way to access previous text messages if the primary account is not initially set up this way.

How It Works
Text messages are stored on the cell phone company's storage system for little more than 72 hours. Beyond that, it's up to the particular cell phone company's setup as to how long the message remains on the system. Most just keep the information until there is confirmation that the message was sent. Without a court order, which is usually just given to law enforcement officials involved with an investigation, the cell phone companies will never release the contents of a text message. Unless the primary account holder has set up the account so that the messages are being stored on a personal computer, the message content cannot be accessed from either phone or computer.

Cell Phone Monitoring Programs
Several cell phone monitoring software programs claim to send complete text messages to a computer. They are marketed to parents who wish to monitor whom their children are communicating with and exactly what they are saying. These hidden software programs are generally implemented without the phone owner's knowledge, and they can be illegal to use in some states. The different software versions have conflicting results with consumers, so beware before buying.

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