How to Block Text Messages

Learning how to block text messages can cut down on your communication-related stress, whether you want to reduce the number of spam messages that are charged to your account or to avoid the messages of a particular person. Message blocking applies to incoming SMS text messages, picture messages, e-mail and instant messages. Because most cell phone plans feature a limited amount of texts, users get frustrated when they are charged for getting a useless text they didn't even solicit. Setting up your phone to block messages may differ from cell phone company to company, but most feature a basic step-by-step process to get control over the type of messages you are receiving.

Complete Block
If you want to block certain types of messages completely, work with your cell phone service to structure the block into your account. For example, you can set up a block of just text/picture messages or just e-mail messages. Generally, these blocks don't include free messages like Amber Alerts, messages from your cell phone service and service notices.

Most people are interested in blocking cell phone spam, and they choose to set up a block for any messages originating from the Internet. Since many spam messages start from there, the phone could block those but still allow SMS text messaging through. Account holders can work with their provider to utilize the various levels of spam filters available for each plan. Most of the major companies, like Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless, feature this kind of spam blocking.

Try A Filter
Some account holders are interested in filtering messages, so that desirable ones get through while others do not. The filter can be set up to block any messages from a particular source or block any messages that contain a certain topic in the subject line. Filters are generally set up using a simple sequence on the phone or online account, into which the user enters in the pertinent information.

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