Popular Text Message Acronyms

What Is A Text Message Acronym?

This is a new thing in text messaging; it is way to communicate in as little amount of words as possible. Acronyms are a way to convey a sentence only using the beginning letters in each word or symbols. This became more prominent when cell phone text messaging became popular, because it was too hard to type out a whole sentence to what you were thinking on that little bitty cell phone key pad. So people started to use these acronyms to be able to sum up how they were feeling in one word. An example of a Acronym is  411 which now means information, someone might text message this to a friend if they  need some information on something that pertains to what they were text messaging each other about.

Where Did Acronyms Originally start?

Acronyms were used originally be the military and government sector as a code for a word without it having to write the full word out. These words are still used today, but because they were such a fun way to describe everything that we do they have made their way into pop culture as a way to express ourselves quickly.

Most Popular Text Message Acronyms And What They Mean

Brb- Be right back

Lol- Laugh out loud

ROFL- Rolling on the floor laughing

WB- Welcome Back

L8R- Later or Bye

Overused Acronyms

Yes there is a way to over use an acronym, the basic example of this is Lol. This acronym is way overused and now it has become a habit of putting this on everything that someone texts. It seems to be that a lot of times people use this out of habit because no one can be laughing out loud all the time otherwise someone would think that there was something wrong with that person. These acronyms in part are a short way to be able to text message or even instant message someone quick, but friends and family can get bored with seeing the acronyms being used out of text. It is proper etiquette to only use them only if you are actually doing what are trying to describe.

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