Common Text Message Abbreviations

Text message abbreviations come into play when users try to compose a complete message in only 160 characters. Over time, cell phone users developed their own lingo, but many common text message abbreviations are unfamiliar to those who are just getting started with texting. Sending text messages is fast replacing standard cell phone conversations when it comes to communicating information quickly, and learning the following text message abbreviations can save you even more time.

A Through G
afaik: As far as I know
asap: As soon as possible
atm: At the moment
b4: Before
bbl: Be back later
bbs: Be back soon
bf: Boyfriend
btw: By the way
cid: Consider it done
cm: Call me
cuz: Because
cya: See ya
dk: Don't know
dl: Download
dur: Do you remember
eod: End of discussion
ezy: Easy
f2f: Face to face
fwiw: For what it's worth
fyeo: For your eyes only
g2g: Got to go
gf: Girlfriend
gl: Good luck
gr8: Great

H Through L
h&k: Hugs and kisses
h8: Hate
hagn: Have a good night
hig: How's it going
howru: How are you
iccl: I couldn't care less
idk: I don't know
ilu: I love you
im: I am
imho: In my humble opinion
jk: Just kidding
jtluk: Just to let you know
kit: Keep in touch
kwim: Know what I mean
l8: Late
lmk: Let me know
lol: Laugh out loud [or] lots of love
luvu: Love you

M Through S
mob: Mobile
mte: My thoughts exactly
mtf: More to follow
n: And
ne1: Anyone
np: No problem
nrn: No reply necessary
obtw: Oh by the way
omg: Oh my God
otoh: On the other hand
pcm: Please call me
pls: Please
ppl: People
prw: Parents are watching
ptmm: Please tell me more
qix: Quick
r: Are [or ] or
rotfl: Rolling on the floor laughing
ruok: Are you OK
sec: Second
sit: Stay in touch
sol: Sooner or later
sry: Sorry
sys: See you soon

T Through Z
t2ul: Talk to you later
tafn: That's all for now
thx: Thanks
tmb: Text me back
tmot: Trust me on this
ttutt: To tell you the truth
ttyl: Talk to you later
ur: You are
v: Very
w/o: Without
wayd: What are you doing
wbs: Write back soon
werru?: Where are you
wtm?: What time
wuwh: Wish you were here
x: Kiss
xoxoxo: Hugs and kisses
y: Why [or] yes
yr: Your
zzzz: Sleeping 

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