Guide To Text Message Lingo

Text message lingo can save you space and time when you have only 160 characters to get your idea across. Getting to know the slang of the text message world can help you interpret what others are saying and can help you communicate effectively. Use these texting tips to ensure you're sending and receiving just what you intended.

Use Numbers And Symbols
Some numbers sound similar to syllables in common words. Examples include "8" as in "gr8" (great) or "l8r" (later). Use "1" for "one" or "won" and "2" for "to/two/too," among others. Symbols already represent a bigger concept with a simpler look: "@" for "at," "$" for money and "*" for "star."

Sound It Out
Many text message lingo abbreviations have emerged because texters just sound out the word and make a shorter version of it. Examples are "r" for "are," "b" for "be" and "y" for "why." Even making a section of the word into a simpler version works-try "x" for "ex," "cross" or "kiss."

Abandon Vowels
It's possible to sound out a word without vowels, and texters who learn this simple rule can speed up communication without sacrificing clarity. Leaving out vowels can take some getting used to, but, after a while, it becomes second nature. Try turning "Please" to "plz" and "Thanks" to "thx."

Use acronyms (the first letter of each word) to create longer phrases. A few texting acronyms have become universal, including "lol" for "laugh out loud," "in my not so humble opinion" is "imnsho" and "ttyl" is "talk to you later."

These little icons can put an emotional emphasis on the message you are trying to send. Generally, these symbols combine to represent an image. Face emoticons are to be viewed from the left, with "eyes" and a "mouth" reflecting the emotion. Examples include ";-)" for a smiley face winking-usually used to imply humor or teasing. If you see ":-/" it stands for confusion, while ":'-(" means sadness. For messages that need a little love, use "<3" for a sideways heart, and give a high five with this "^5" shortcut.

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