Buying a Mini Voice Recorder for a Mac

While you can find Mac-compatible devices in growing numbers, finding the right mini voice recorder for your Mac can be a challenge. Do you want a dedicated device, or do you want to make your current technology multitask? Do you need professional-grade sound quality, or is an average micro voice recorder fine for your applications?

Know Your Needs
Depending on how you want to use your mini voice recorder, you can go in several different directions. If you already own an iPod or iPhone, you can get add-ons to utilize these devices as micro voice recorders, multitasking with your current technology. If you don't own an iPod or iPhone, or simply want a dedicated mini voice recorder, several Olympus models are Mac-compatible. If you're looking for high-end mini voice recorders with superior sound quality, you can expect to pay a bit more than you would for one with lesser sound quality. Check online reviews for advice on compatibility and performance, looking for those written by people using the recorder in a way that's similar to how you plan to use it.

Add-Ons Turn Your iPod into a Mini Voice Recorder
If you're already a Mac enthusiast, what could be easier than turning your iPod into a mini voice recorder? Griffin Technology is responsible for the best mini voice recorder options for the iPod, with its iTalk technology. Unfortunately, Griffin no longer manufactures the iTalk hardware, although it now provides recording applications for the iPod Touch and the iPhone. If you've got an iPod Touch or an iPhone, the iTalk application is the perfect solution.

For older iPods, the best option is Belkin's voice recorder add-on. The Belkin mini voice recorder for iPod has lower sound quality, but it's fine for voice recording applications. It's also smaller than the iTalk, and costs about the same at approximately $50.

Check Mac Compatibility
While other mini voice recorders are available, Olympus voice recording devices tend to top the charts in popularity, features and affordability. Better yet; several Olympus mini voice recorders are Mac-compatible. For a professional-grade mini voice recorder at a mid-range price point, consider the Olympus WS-110 WMA Digital Voice Recorder. If you're looking for something with a bit more memory and even higher sound quality, try the Olympus DS-40 Digital Voice Recorder.

Want to Go High-End?
Voice recorder add-ons for the iPod are sufficient for digital dictation, but if you need a  higher qualityrecording device, you'll need to look elsewhere. The Edirol R-09HR starts at around $400, but it comes with a professional-quality microphone for superior sound quality. Journalists, people who do regular podcasts and musicians would all benefit from the sound quality enhancement of the Edirol mini voice recorder over some of the less-expensive options.

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What makes a digital voice recorder so useful is its ability to connect to your PC so that you can store recordings and retrieve them at any time without having to wade through piles of microcassettes.

The digital voice recorders you see on the shelves today weren't always so small and compact. Today's digital Dictaphones and other recorders got their start more than 130 years ago with the invention of the phonograph, and advances in technology have turned them into the convenient machines we use today.

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The world of digital voice activated recorders is an interesting one; full of nifty gadgets for taking dictation, recording lectures and interviews and even playing spy. If you frequently transcribe your recordings or loathe searching for that needed bit of information, these recorders provide a key advantage over the always-on variety.

There are plenty of advantages to buying a digital voice recorder. They're portable, affordable and perfect for people who need to remember a lot of things or don't like jotting down a lot of notes.

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