Using HTML Tags to Improve Web Traffic

HTML tags, specifically meta tags, tell a search engine what type of content your Web site contains and sometimes gives the search engine a brief description to use when displaying results on its pages. Listing content effectively in your meta tags is a great way to improve your Web traffic by ensuring a search engine can properly identify your content.

Using the Title tag

The Title tag is the text that shows up as the title of your site in search engine listings and at the top of your browser when you load your Web page. If your title is longer than 66 characters, Google will cut the extra text, while Yahoo displays anything up to 120 characters. The best title, one which will give you a higher page ranking, is relevant to the content of your page, typically containing keywords found in your page content. A title should summarize the content found on your page, with a good description to flesh out the information that searchers see when they find your site on a search engine.

Using the Keyword tag

Keyword tags are one of the oldest ways to optimize Web traffic for sites. Once upon a time, programmers could put together a long list of keywords to drive traffic to a site. These days, search engines don't pay as much attention to keyword tags because many programmers were using them in a dishonest way to drive traffic. Keywords can give a search engine specific guidelines for the type of content that's found on your site, but unless the keywords appear in your body text, the search engine is likely to disregard your keyword list. It's better to include a short list of keywords that actually pertains to the text in your page, because if you include a long list of spam keywords, a search engine may actually discard your URL rather than giving you good placement.

Using the Description tag

The Description tag is one of the most powerful tools you have to drive traffic to your site. Search engines display the text listed in a description tag on their pages, and searchers scan these descriptions to determine whether they're likely to find the information they want on your page. If your description is difficult to read or incomplete, searchers may not click through to your page. If you've got a well-written, short description that clearly describes the content on your page, searchers are more likely to click through to view the information on your page. For best results, use a general description for your main page and then more specific descriptions on each subsequent page. You don't have too many characters to work with, so keep the description brief. Note, too, that if you don't use the Decscription tag, a search engine will pull random text from your page to display in search results, which could give searchers a misleading idea of what your page is about.

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