How to Submit an URL to Dogpile

If you are curious about how to submit a URL to Dogpile directly or through the Dogpile toolbar, you are not alone. Many users find themselves frustrated when trying to do the same thing. Before you go any further, it is important to realize that Dogpile is a meta-search engine. Meta-search engines collect data from multiple single search engines and display it all on one page, and Dogpile aggregates the results of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Because it is a meta-search site, it does not index Web sites directly.

How To Get Listed On Dogpile
Getting listed on Dogpile is as easy or as hard as getting listed on the major search engines. The higher your listing on a major search engine, the higher your listing on Dogpile. Your listing on Dogpile is also affected by how popular your URL is in multiple search engines. Dogpile does not list duplicate results, but being listed by multiple search engines will increase your chances of earning a higher ranking on the results page.

Submitting Your URL
To submit your URL to major search engines, start with Google, which is arguably the most important single search engine in existence today. Be sure to visit Bing next. Bing replaces Microsoft's Live Search engine and is the new kid on the block, but it is an increasingly popular one. Another site to submit to is Yahoo! which is still familiar with users who use Yahoo! services such as e-mail or groups. After you submit your URLs to these sites, you will need to wait for them to be indexed. You cannot expect them to be listed on Dogpile until after these single search engines have indexed them onto their results.

A Way To Increase Your URL Visibility
Aside from submitting your URL to popular Web sites, you also need to promote them. Promoting Web sites will help increase their page rankings and improve their chances of being listed on Dogpile. To do this, you need to create inbound links. Inbound links are links placed on other sites that direct back to your site. If the site that links to you is popular, you have an increased chance of a higher page listing on a search engine site. This will also help establish you as a higher listing on Dogpile. Search the Web for sites similar to yours, and add valuable comments to their articles. They may reciprocate the favor, and that might help you rise to the top at Dogpile.

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To add a site to Dogpile, you must start by adding sites to other search engines. Then, if your site is popular on those search engines, Dogpile will start displaying the site in its search results.

What is Dogpile? This search engine combines the results of several different search engines so you can see how different engines respond to your query.

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What is Dogpile? This search engine combines the results of several different search engines so you can see how different engines respond to your query.

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