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Craigslist is one the words most popular websites for connecting people at no cost. There is no cost to sell items on Craigslist. Some large popular cities have thousands of unique visitors each day. These are local people that are ready to buy. There is cash awaiting nearby to carry of unwanted items. Here are some tips on how to make money with Craigslist.

Listing a few items on Craigslist each day can quickly turn into a part time income. Many people shop smart with their money and are always looking for true bargains. The retail prices on clothing and other consumer goods can easily break anyone on a tight budget. Savvy shoppers will act quickly if it is an item needed immediately.

What to Sell Online

The current market price of specific items can be found on Ebay. Visit Ebay and create an account. This account will be used to study completed listings. This will give an accurate price range for items that are sold. An under priced item will generate a lot of phone calls or emails in a short period of time. Avoid loosing money by researching prices first. Clean out closets, storage units, garages, drawers, and sealed storage containers. Look for things of value that have a good value on Ebay completed listings and take a picture. Low quality cell phone pictures can easily be sent to an email address. Use a digital camera or create a You Tube video for very expensive items. Use whatever type of camera equipment  is available.

Make Money on Craigslist

Be specific in the ad. List the item brand name, description, size, or measurements. Automobile prices can be checked by visiting Kelly Blue Book in the private part section. Consider selling boats, sports equipment, electronics, clothing, kitchen ware, appliances, furniture, and textbooks. A good ad will prompt the Craiglist visitor to email or call immediately. Make the offer time specific. When questions are asked regarding the item description update the ad with the answer. Always do a spell check before publishing the ad.

Finding what to sell online is not complicated. Research and taking action by posting an add can quickly increase income. Always meet strangers in public areas with a friend or relative. Coffee shops, indoor shopping areas, and having multiple people meet at the same time for different product deals helps to stay safe when selling. Use these tips to help sell on Craiglist. 

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