How to Sell on eBay

If you're wondering how to sell on eBay, there's good news: It's simple! Just follow a few easy steps, and you can begin clearing out your basement or attic and turning junk into cash.

Selling on eBay Is Fairly Simple
eBay has thousands of users of all proficiency levels, so they've designed the interface to be easy to use. When you want to get started selling on eBay, you simply create an account and follow the directions to list your item. The eBay template walks you through selecting a category, creating a listing, setting a price and setting up payment options. With these steps completed, your item is ready to sell.

Creating a Listing
The most important aspect of selling on eBay is your product listing. The listing is what other people see when they search for your product. It's important to describe your product accurately and give plenty of information, and to categorize it correctly so people can find it. There are ways you can enhance your listing to attract buyers, so think about how much work you're willing to do to sell your stuff. Enhancements to your listing cost extra, but they can help things sell. You just need to be sure those extra costs won't eat all your profits.

Those Little Stars Are Your User Rating
When you buy or sell things on eBay, the people involved in the transaction can rate you. Sellers give feedback on how quickly you pay, while buyers give feedback on how quickly you ship and respond to questions. Different star ratings next to your user name indicate how much positive feedback you've received. Star ratings begin with yellow stars at 10 positive feedback scores and range all the way up to silver shooting stars for 1,000,000 positive ratings or more.

Accepting Payments
eBay gives buyers and sellers many payment options. The most popular payment method, and the one that eBay recommends, is PayPal. PayPal is a secure payment-processing Web site that many online merchants use; you may already have a PayPal account set up for online shopping. PayPal enables buyers to pay you with any of PayPal's accepted payment methods, and you receive the payment directly in your PayPal account; there's no hassle of trying to figure out how to accept payment or fear of getting ripped off.

eBay also lets you use other payment options; you can select payment through ProPay, Moneybookers, Paymate, a credit card through an existing merchant account or even payment upon pickup for items you're not shipping. However, most of these services require you to use a separate service and may involve additional fees. Most eBay buyers are accustomed to seeing PayPal and are more likely to trust it as a payment method.

eBay Fees
Selling items on eBay isn't free; depending on how you set up your listing and other details, you'll be paying eBay a series of fees to sell your product. Keep the fees in mind when you're thinking about how to sell on eBay; for really inexpensive items, it may be best to sell them in a lot or somplace else, since fees can greatly reduce your profit on the transaction.

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