How Can I Check My Emails From Another Computer

"How can I check my emails from another computer?" Workaholics will ask this all the time if they cannot bear the thought of being out of the office. If you use Microsoft Outlook or another application and you'll be away, you can set up your computer and online accounts in advance so you don't miss anything.

Online Email Services
If you use browser-accessible services like Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or Gmail, then you have it the easiest of all. To check your e-mail from another computer, simply open a Web browser, type in the address of your service (example:, and then enter your username and password. You'll find your e-mail, just as you would on your regular computer.

But what if you are trying to get at email you get through Outlook? If you plan ahead, you can set up e-mail forwarding to an online email service. If your account allows forwarding, go into your settings, and request that your e-mail service forward all your mail to an e-mail address that is accessible via the Web. That way, you won't have to worry about missing any news.

Ask your IT professional if you can access your mail online. Many companies offer Microsoft Outlook along with Microsoft Exchange, which allows you to access the same account through a Web browser. If the problem is more with how you get personal e-mail and not your workplace, contact your Internet Service Provider or look them up online to investigate your Webmail options.

Remote Access
If your company does not offer Microsoft Exchange, ask about remote access. Many companies offer a VPN service that allows you to access your work computer and interact with it just as you would with a Web browser. You can even download files from the remote computer onto your current hard drive.

Whenever you check your email using a computer you don't normally use, such as a computer at an airport or a hotel, always be sure to sign out and clear the cache so the next user isn't tempted to snoop around in your business.

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