How Do I Find Out Who Owns an Email Address

Have you ever wondered, "how do I find out who owns an email address?" This question pops up typically after a computer user receives emails that range from annoying to scary. Discovering the person behind the name is not that easy, but you can narrow down the options and also figure out what to do if the emails make you feel unsafe:

Run A Basic Search: To run a reverse email search, simply start by searching for the address on your favorite search engine. Chances are, it will come up several times, especially if the person comments on blogs and Web sites. People often use the same online "handle," so you can type that in without the "," and you might find several options. Click on each page to see if a real name is associated with the handle.

Dive Into The Deep Web: If that doesn't work, try a people-specific Web search engine, such as, which searches the databases associated with the deep Web. Simply go to the home page, click on the "Email" link, and type in the email address. Just as before, pages will come up, but they might reveal more information since not all of those pages are indexed by the major online search engines.

Take It Seriously: When the emails are clogging up your inbox and all seem to be from the same source, you can set up a filter that moves these emails straight to your Trash folder. Other email providers include a button at the top of the email that encourages you to report spam, which might be another way to solve the problem, not just for you, but also for others.

Regarding a police matter, such as threatening or harassing emails that don't look like spam, you may want to involve the appropriate authorities instead of going it alone. Only they can contact Internet Service Providers and track down that kind of information. Even if it looks like spam written in a threatening tone, notify the FBI.

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