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With today's Internet there is an array of e-mail programs available for consumers to use. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and forms. They contain their own styles, formats and procedures for use that basically allow consumers to write, send and receive e-mails but are not consumer friendly in all cases. With the number of users of e-mail today, every e-mail program writer tries to incorporate unique aspects into their program that is different from all the other e-mail programs available hoping these little differences will encourage users to use their programs.

Switch to a convenient, easy-to-use e-mail program
Microsoft includes an e-mail program with every operating system. Windows XP uses Outlook Express, Windows Vista uses Windows Mail and with the advent of Windows 7 users are required to use Windows Live Mail. This is a very difficult e-mail program to process e-mails. People using Outlook Express and Windows Mail programs have been satisfied with the usability of the programs but have shown much discontent with Windows Live mail. Many are now switching to Google's Gmail. Google's Gmail is an easy-to-use program and is available to everyone at no charge.

How to find Google Gmail.
Go on to the Internet, and in the address bar type in The page that opens will have a link to Gmail. Click on this link and sign up. Sign up is easy and in a matter of minutes you are ready to go. You can even import your address book from your previous program with ease.

Ability to retrieve e-mail from any computer.
With e-mail programs that are part of your operating system, you must be on your computer to activate your e-mail program to be able to use it to send and receive mail because the information for your mail program must be inputted to your ISP.  With Google's Gmail, being an Internet e-mail program, you are able to retrieve your e-mail from any computer connected to the Internet. 

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With the number of free e-mail providers currently available, users have a lot of choices to make when it comes to picking the right one. You can narrow your choices by comparing storage and spam filtering, then look for specific features that you need.

Whether you're a member of multiple social-networking websites, or simply have a lot of friends and family to keep in touch with, you'll need one of the best free e-mail accounts with awesome features, plenty of storage and easy organization. While you can find many free e-mail services out there, be sure to compare email accounts because only a few incorporate the features of organization and social networking to make your life easier and make managing your groups a breeze.

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Tips to control spam and keep it from clogging up your inbox.

Free email accounts offer a number of benefits, including easy accessibility from other computers and the ability to keep your email address when changing to a new internet service provider. However, free email account providers vary in features, quality, and reliability, so some thought should be given to the particular service you are going to use.

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