Configuring Comcast Email Settings

The correct Comcast email settings vary depending on the software program you're using. If you need help configuring your e-mail settings, try these steps:

Comcast for Outlook 2003
In Outlook 2003, go to the Tools menu, and then select E-mail Accounts. Click Add a New E-mail Account and then select POP3 from the list on the next screen. In the Your Name field, enter your name the way you want people to see it; i.e., your full first and last name, your first name and last initial or any business or company name you want to use. In the next box, which requests your e-mail address, type your username

To set the server information, type in the POP3 Incoming Mail field, and in the Outgoing Mail SMTP field. Finally, enter your username and password in the logon information box, and your basic settings are all set.

Configuring Advanced Settings
If the basic e-mail configuration still doesn't work, you may need to configure advanced settings for your Comcast e-mail account. From the e-mail account setup screen, click on the button for More Settings. Under the Outgoing Server tab, click the checkbox for "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication." Select the first circle, indicating that you want to use the same settings as the incoming mail server.

Go to the Advanced tab. Type 465 in the outgoing mail field, and 995 in the incoming field. Click the checkboxes indicating that both options require SSL. Finally, click Ok, follow the prompts to test the connection and then save the settings.

Using Windows Live Mail
If you don't have Outlook, Windows Vista has Windows Live Mail installed as the next generation of Outlook Express. To set up Comcast e-mail in Windows Live Mail, go to Tools, select Accounts and press the Add Option button. From there, enter your email address and password information, and type in how you want your name to display.

On the next screen, select POP3 from the dropdown list, type in the Incoming Mail field, enter 995 in the Port box and click the checkbox to use SSL. In the Outgoing Mail field, enter, port 465, and again click the checkbox for SSL. Finally, click the checkbox for authentication on the outgoing server. Click Next to complete, and your Comcast email address is all set up.

Basic Comcast E-mail Settings
If the above instructions don't apply to you, here is the basic information you'll need to configure other software programs to work with your Comcast e-mail address:

  • Incoming Mail:, port 995
  • Outgoing Mail:, port 465

Comcast supports POP3 e-mail clients, and requires SSL and authentication on outgoing mail. You'll also need your Comcast e-mail address, as well as your username and logon password.

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