Getting Free Computer Help

Let's face it; Internet service isn't cheap. It is however the perfect tool for being cheap. When used properly, the Internet can yield countless ways to get free computer help.

There are essentially three approaches to finding free samples on the Internet: checking free sample sites, doing Web searches and participating in discussion boards.

Free sample sites
Free sample sites are a great starting point. These sites list lots of free samples that are available around the Web and provide links to the respective sites.

The benefit of using these sites is that someone else is doing a lot of the work for you. You won't have to spend a ton of research time to find the samples you desire.

Web searches
Web searches can lead to even more free samples that may not be listed on free sample Web sites. To locate these, there are several basic keywords to search under: free sample, free samples, free trial, trial offer, free product and free product offer are all excellent search words. For the best search results, be sure to try all of them. A sample that might come up under "free sample," may not come up under "free samples," and vice-versa. As you gain experience, you may find other keywords that work for the particular product samples you are looking for.

Word of mouth
Frugal discussion boards are also a great source for freebies. Spend a little time exploring the Web, and you're sure to turn up some great freebies.

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