How Can You Control Spam

You can control spam when your E-mail inbox it gets out of control. If you receive more spam than real e-mail, you should take steps to reduce your spam or improve your spam filtering. The easiest way for you to control E-mail spam is to prevent it in the first place, so consider spam control when you're establishing an online identity.

Use a separate registration e-mail

One way that spam reaches your inbox is when you register for things online. Many manufacturers now allow you to register new products online for warranty protection. Other sites require you to register to become a member and post or use services. Regardless of what you're registering for, use a separate e-mail address when you sign up for any sort of registration. It's probably not a good idea to use a "junk" e-mail address to sign up for your bank's online account services or online bill-pay products, but give everyone else an alternate registration address. Then the manufacturers can send you tons of e-mails or sell your address to anyone they want, and you still won't see those annoying e-mails showing up in your inbox.

Don't publish your address

Some professional spammers use bots to crawl Web sites and pull as many e-mail addresses as they can find. Other spammers target specific sites, forums or guest lists and collect e-mails manually. Regardless of which method a spammer uses to get your address, the results are the same: tons of unwanted, unsolicited e-mails in your inbox.

Don't give spammers easy access to your e-mail address. Don't publish your e-mail address on your personal site. If possible, use a secure form for people to contact you. If you must list your e-mail address publicly, don't use symbols but instead write it out entirely; i.e., sam(AT)hotmail(DOT)com. If you write out your e-mail address in this manner, live people can still contact you easily but spambots will have a more difficult time capturing your address.

Use a good spam filter

If you use a free Web-based e-mail service, you must rely on the spam filter of your e-mail provider. Do some research before you sign up for a free service to find one that has a good spam filter.

If you use a service that processes e-mail through Outlook or another external e-mail client, you may be able to add spam filtering software to your account. Spam filters allow you to set rules to automatically send spam to the trash and enable you to create "good" and "bad" lists to let e-mails through or prevent them from reaching your inbox. Some antivirus software suites include spam-filtering software to help reduce your spam, while other spam filters are standalone products. Be aware that spam filters may accidentally send wanted e-mail to your spam folder, so you should check it regularly for mistakes.

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