Where to Find Google Chrome Themes

Google Chrome themes are a great way to customize and personalize your Web browser. Don't like the colors? Don't like the way the buttons look? Google gives you the ability to change your browser's appearance by downloading plug-ins created by others.

A Second Skin
So what exactly are Google Chrome Themes? When you open Google Chrome, you are seeing the basic version of it as it was designed. That basic version can be modified to alter the look by installing skins or themes. These are a type of Google Chrome extension that affects how your browser looks.

A skin, in computer talk, refers to the outer shell of the browser. The area that contains the Back and Forward buttons, the address bar and installed tool bars can be changed in appearance by using a skin. A skin doesn't change the way you view a Web page and it doesn't change the functionality of your browser. It simply changes the color of elements and sometimes includes custom buttons that dramatically alter the appearance of your browser.

Google Chrome Themes vs. Skins
Google Chrome themes are basically an extension of skins that goes one step further. Say you want your browser to incorporate your favorite sport's teams logo or pictures from a television show or video game. A theme can be installed to do this. For example, say you love Super Mario Bros. A theme could change your browser so the Back and Forward arrows are blocks Mario is so fond of smashing. The Home button could be changed to a warp pipe. The star that bookmarks a page could be changed to look like the power star from the game. 

You might want to be careful with Google chrome themes, particularly if you're on a shared computer. Some themes replace navigation buttons with unusual icons. You might recognize these, but other users could struggle to make sense of them.

Sometimes the two terms are used interchangeably, so if you want to change the look for Google Chrome themes, search for both terms. Since they're developed by third parties and not official Google products, some themes might not work for you or might not look as professional as you'd prefer. You can uninstall themes and skins at any time, so go ahead and try a few until you find one that you like.

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