Saving Favorites in Google Chrome

Saving favorites in Google Chrome is quick and painless. The Google Chrome interface lacks some of the familiar buttons and menu bars you might be accustomed to using, but the functionality is simple if you know the right commands.

Using Google Chrome.
Google Chrome is a Web browser developed by the people who created the most popular search engine: Google. The same people who developed Google Chrome also developed Google Desktop, Android and the Nexus One smart phone. To install Google Chrome, simply do a Web search for "chrome," and it's the first option that comes up in the search. Follow Google's easy instructions to install and open Google Chrome, and you can begin using it immediately.

Open the Bookmarks Toolbar.
By default, the Google Chrome bookmarks toolbar is enabled. The bookmarks toolbar is the space immediately below the URL window where you type the Web address you want to visit. If you don't see the bookmarks toolbar, you can press CTRL + B to open it. Pressing CTRL + B when the bookmarks toolbar is open sends it away again.

Adding Bookmarks to the Toolbar.
Adding bookmarks to the bookmarks toolbar is simple: Click on the URL in the toolbar to highlight it all, and then drag the highlighted Web address down over your bookmarks toolbar. This automatically creates a new bookmark on the toolbar. At the end of the bookmarks toolbar, you'll see a folder called "Other Bookmarks," which is where bookmarks you don't need as often can go.

Managing Bookmarks on the Toolbar.
Once you have bookmarks on the bookmarks toolbar, you can manage the toolbar in a few different ways. First, click and drag a bookmark on the toolbar to reorder it. You can reorder all of your bookmarks by clicking and dragging them, making it easy to set up your bookmarks in the way that makes the most sense to you.

Second, you can right-click on a bookmark to bring up several options. When you right-click a bookmark, you have three different opening options, including opening the bookmark in a new tab, opening it in a new window or opening it in an incognito window. You can also edit or delete the bookmark, add the page, add a folder or open the Bookmark Manager.

Using Bookmark Manager.
To open the bookmark manager, press CTRL + SHIFT + B. From there, you can organize bookmarks by dragging them to other folders, renaming the bookmarks, adding new folders or deleting bookmarks. You can also access the bookmark manager by clicking on the wrench tool in the upper-right-hand corner of the Google Chrome screen, at the end of the URL menu toolbar.

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