What Does 502 Bad Gateway Mean

A "502 bad gateway" error is one of the most common you'll encounter while browsing the Internet or while remotely uploading software through the Internet. For novice computer users, this error may seem confusing and is often quite frustrating. All it really says is that something didn't go right, leaving you to wonder if the problem is your computer, or their site, or something in between. Most importantly, you'll probably want to know how to fix it. The truth is that sometimes you can't fix it and just have to wait for it to be fixed on the other end. That said, most of the time it requires one of several simple actions to resolve the issue.

Why does the 502 error message appear?

The 502 bad gateway error simply means that there was an error in the connection between your computer and the target site's server. In many cases the problem is as simple as a high traffic load at the time, and the website doesn't have enough bandwidth to take another visitor at the moment. Most likely, the target site's server is not completely down or you'd simply get a "page can't be found" error.

What does a 502 error look like?

Many websites simple have a standard page that says "502 bad gateway," with or without the theme and header from the site. Increasingly, site designers have been adding in custom 502 error windows. These will obviously vary by website, but are often much more informative than the standard 502 message. Sites may incorporate humor, graphics, advice on what the error means, or helpful tips to try to fix the problem into their custom error pages.

How do I fix a 502 bad gateway?

Start with the simplest repair when trying to fix a 502 bad gateway-that is, refresh the page. You can do this by pushing the F5 key or by clicking the "refresh" button in your browser. The exact appearance and location of this browser refresh button will depend on your specific browser, but it's usually right beside the address box on your navigation bar. For example, with the MozillaR FirefoxR browser the button looks like a circular arrow and it's located directly to the right of your address box.

If refreshing the page doesn't work, you may have something in your browser cache that's conflicting with the information coming from the current site. Try going to Internet options, clearing your cache and then restarting the browser. Once you've closed the browser and then called the site back up, it will be without the influence of information from any other sites.

Provided the site isn't just overloaded at the time you receive a 502 error, and refreshing the page or browser doesn't work, try switching to safe mode on your computer. This returns your computer to bare-bones operations, disabling any browser plugins or add-ons. If the site loads in this mode, then you know that something you've added to your browser is causing the problem. From here, you can use the process of elimination, starting with the most recently added plugins, to find the problem.

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