How to Reinstall Internet Explorer

Wondering how to reinstall Internet Explorer? If you've removed an older version on Windows, a reinstall might be needed to get your operating system running smoothly again.

Don't Delete Explorer
Internet Explorer should not be completely removed from your system, as Windows XP uses components of Internet Explorer for other processes. After an upgrade, some users either have a problem with the new version or simply don't like the newer version. In this case, the new version can be removed and an older version can be reinstalled. When you remove Internet Explorer 8, if you do not reinstall IE 6, the system will automatically reinstall IE 7 to keep your Windows operating system running. 

Restoring a Different Version of Explorer
You can reinstall Internet Explorer for Windows XP in two different ways. You can either install it directly from Microsoft's Web site or download and save the program to your hard drive, then install it from the .exe file. There are several versions of Internet Explorer available, from version 6 to the newest, version 8. 

Follow these steps to get Explorer directly from Microsoft.

  1. Go to and mouse over Downloads and Trials in the top menu. Click on the Internet Explorer 8 Downloads button.
  2. To download Internet Explorer 8, simply click the link in the top menu. For IE 7 and IE 6, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the version you want. Watch out for the big Internet Explorer 8 download boxes on these pages and look for the link to download teh version you want.
  3. Review the information on the page, including the system requirements. The system requirements will tell you whether Internet Explorer XP will run on your machine. It will give specific information regarding the processor and operating system, among other requirements. If your system is compatible, click the Download button.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen. The process will ask whether you want to install from the website or save the file to your hard drive. It is advisable to install directly from the website. If you choose to save the file to your hard drive, when it is finished downloading, double click the file to run it. Follow the instructions throughout the installation process. 

You may need to disable your firewall or turn off antivirus programs to install and configure Internet Explorer. Be sure to turn off any programs that access the Web while your security software is turned off. Turn it back on once the installation is complete.

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If you need to uninstall Internet Explorer, don't worry. You are not alone. Just follow these simple steps.

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