Advantages of Intranet Sites

There are many advantages of intranet sites. In many cases intranet can easily justify the cost of installing and maintaining intranet connections. An intranet not only facilitates communication among employees but also helps protect your data.

How an intranet can benefit your company.
The most valuable and common use for an intranet is sharing information within a company. Phone lists, employee directories, policy manuals and other vital company-specific documents cost money to reproduce for every employee. Additionally, whenever you've got an update for these documents, you have to create a new version and distribute it to all employees. It costs valuable time and expenses to distribute these documents. An intranet removes this expense, as centrally maintained documents mean you have to make a change only once, and all employees who can connect to the intranet have access to these updated documents.

Beyond information sharing, though, you can add valuable applications and options to your intranet to streamline your business completely. Instead of managing systems through several different programs and applications, you can create a centralized database of applications to handle your systems and have the relevant employees access them via the intranet. You can use the intranet to manage payroll, supply inventory and ordering, which are systems that traditionally require different applications and transferring information from one medium to another. With an intranet, you can skip the data transfer step and manage systems directly from the intranet.

Intranet usability is simple and user-friendly.
Other advantages of intranet sites include how simple and user-friendly it is to install and use. You can use the intranet from any workstation with a Web browser that's connected to a local area network. Further, the intranet itself can host FAQs and user instruction files to advise users how to utilize the intranet effectively and reduce resource drain on IT helpdesk staff within the organization.

Intranet tools enable you to streamline your business.
Intranet tools are plentiful, and they enable you to streamline your business. You can run a variety of applications on an intranet, including search applications, content or network discovery agents, subscription agents, tracking agents or collaboration tools. You can use intranet applications for calendar management, discussion tools, document sharing, forms or time management; the possibilities are endless. You can use intranet tools for practically every facet of business management, and utilizing these tools increases employee productivity and promotes accuracy. It might even save your business tons of money.

Intranet security protects your vital information.
Finally, one of the biggest advantages of an intranet is its ability to protect your vital information. An intranet can be made completely secure through installing it only on a workstation without Internet connectivity. If workstations have no Internet connectivity, it's not possible for people to hack in from outside via an Intranet connection and access valuable proprietary information. Even if an intranet is installed on a workstation that also has Internet connectivity, the intranet can be maintained at a high level of security by installing it behind a firewall. Intranet security is one of its biggest selling points and is ultimately why some organizations turn to intranets-to protect sensitive information.

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Find articles about the purpose of an intranet, what is intranet, advantages of intranet, how to create an intranet.

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