How Do I Put a Background on MySpace

How do I put a background on MySpace? The question has been asked by many people who are new to the hip social networking site. As a registered MySpace user, you are given a free space to post your interests, manage messages from friends and share your music or art. While the space is functionally sound, it's aesthetically dull. In order to liven up your MySpace page, you must know how to add a background. So, how is it done?

Adding A Background To A MySpace Page Using HTML Code
One of the most popular ways to add a background to a MySpace page is to enter HTML code. While intimidating to some, HTML is a logical language used by the vast majority of Web sites, and you don't need to know much of it to spruce up your MySpace page. To add a background to your MySpace page using HTML, find a picture that you would like to use as your background. Let's say the address is Next, open your profile page on MySpace. In the profile heading, write the following: <body background=" /farm.jpeg"> Save the changes after doing so, and the relevant picture should appear as your new background.

Adding A Background To A MySpace Page Via Web site
Several Web sites exist that can make the background-adding process even simpler. Many of these sites contain free cute Web layouts that can be added instantly to your MySpace page. Simply search for "MySpace layouts" online, and you'll find sites offering thousands of different backgrounds, from skulls and monsters to Disney MySpace layouts. You can even upload your own image and transform it into the perfect MySpace backdrop.

With all the millions of MySpace pages in existence, it's important to have yours stand out. Ideally, your page should also tell the world something about yourself and represent your interests. With the use of simple HTML tags and layout-creating Web sites, you can add backgrounds to your MySpace page that truly reflect your taste.

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