Is Internet Socializing Better than the Real Deal


First of all let's explore the term Virtual Reality which means simulation of a real or imaginary place or thing; producing the illusion of reality. In other words people it isn't real and that is something everyone needs to understand. These social networks are designed for having fun and playing games. Now it is possible to make friends while doing this and it is very rare but occasionally a person might find actual true love on one of the sites; but if you are going there thinking you will definitely find your true love you may be very disappointed.

If all you want to do is talk about unimportant things, play games and exchange non-existent gifts socializing on the Internet Networks can be fun. There are a multitude of games to play and meet new people while playing. You can even donate to different things around the world; but if you are looking for real love don't be surprised if you can't find it. Sure occasionally someone gets lucky but the odds are astronomical even with thousands of people on the site. But don't go there expecting to find Mr., Miss. or Ms. Right; go there with the intent to have fun and enjoy the company of others there on the site. 

Beware of all of the dangers involved in participating on those sites. Scam Artists are everywhere lurking about to snag the unprepared. Some of them will go to great lengths if they think you have money. Never give out your banking information regardless of what they say. If you feel compelled to help them for any reason tell them to contact Pay-Pal and then notify Pay-Pal of what is going on and also tell them that it may well be a scam. They will watch your account for you so long as you notify them. Never ever allow someone to put other people's checks through your account for any reason no matter how good the bargain sounds. Most of the time what they ask you to do is completely illegal and if you do it you are putting yourself at risk; the law can't prosecute who they can't find; but they will get you. The other scam artists are the men and women that want to live in the old ancient code where they live under one person's roof but will have a Harem or Concubines at the same time. In other words they are completely unfaithful while you either supply the living place or flip the bill for it all. They too will proclaim a nonexistent love for you and break your heart in the long run if you truly loved them.

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