How Do You Use Skype

So, how do you use Skype? Whether you're a new Skype user looking for some tips or an old hand at Internet calling, Skype is an intuitive, easy-to-use program.

Log on to Skype.
If you've already got a Skype account, simply open Skype and log on. If you need to create a Skype account, go to, and download the Skype software. Install the software, and then open it. When you open it the first time, the software walks you through setting up a new Skype account. Once you're all set, open the Skype software, and log on to your Skype account.

How Do You Use Skype to Add Contacts?
If you're starting a new Skype account, you can add contacts manually by searching for them by full name, or you can import contacts from your e-mail provider. To add a new contact manually, go the Contacts menu at the top, and click the New Contact option. You can type in your contact's full name or Skype username to add him. To import your contacts from your e-mail, go to the Contacts menu and click Import Contacts. From there, click the e-mail service, and follow the prompts to import contacts from your e-mail address.

Find a Skype user online.
How do you use Skype to make a Skype call to another Skype user who is online? simply go to your contact list and look to see whether the user you want is online. Different icons indicate different online status. If a Skype user is online and available, the icon is green with a checkmark. If the Skype user is online but busy or away, the icon is yellow. An online user with a red icon is in Do Not Disturb mode. Users who aren't online have different icons, but you can still contact them with paid Skype Internet phone service.

Call the user.
Once you've found your online user, simply click the green Call button to connect with your user. The user you're contacting must answer the call, and then you can talk, just like a regular phone service. You can mute the call or put it on hold while you're chatting using the respective buttons for these functions. Even if you're already in a call, if both you and your end user have video, you can change a regular call to a video call by pressing the green Video button. When you're finished, press the red End button to end the call.

You can call Skype users who aren't online under certain circumstances.
If Skype users set up call forwarding or provide landline contact phone numbers, you can call them even if they're not online. Icons that indicate Skype users are available for mobile chat are either a green icon with a phone in it, or the normal Skype online icon in white. To call mobile users, you must have Skype Credit available. You can buy Skype Credit directly through Skype by providing billing and payment details. If you've got enough Skype Credit, simply click the Call button, and you'll be connected with the user via mobile Skype calling.

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