How to Install Skype

To speak to people anywhere via computer, install Skype. Skype is a software program that links one computer to another and transmits voice in real time. It's like a telephone within the computer, but there are no charges for calls. As long as the recipient also has Skype software, two people can talk for as long as they want free of charge. Skype can be loaded onto PCs and Macintosh computers alike.

Downloading Skype Software
The Skype software is easily accessed on Skype's Web site, and a few simple clicks will start the program downloading to your computer. When the download is complete, an icon will appear on your desktop for Skype. Click on that icon to launch the Skypesetup.exe file.

The software contains a setup wizard that will walk you through each aspect of the installation. This is user-friendly and will lead you to a complete finish. At the end, you will need to set up an account with Skype. Look for the link that says "Create a New Account," and follow the instructions. This is simply to enter your full name, a Skype name and a password. Note you'll need to enter your Skype name and password each time you access the program.

Launching Skype Software
To launch the software, simply click on the Skype desktop icon. Look for the window that will ask you for your Skype name and password; enter them in accurately, and then select "Sign in." The next window will ask you for your connection preference, which will most likely be "Use WiFi Only." With this information, the Skype software will make the connection, and you will be signed in. You must have a headset that can plug into your computer in order to communicate with the person on the other end.

Other Important Skype Accessories
To use Skype, you will also need to get a headset for your computer, which you can buy at a computer store or directly from Skype. You can even add a webcam to make communication even more fun. Just add webcam ability from the Skype software by going to the Tools menu and selecting Options. When you are presented with a new window, select Video Settings. Adjust camera settings, like contrast or brightness, by selecting the Webcam Settings tab.

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