How to Make a Skype Video Call

Making a Skype video call is simple if you know how. If you and the recipient of your call have webcams and Skype accounts, you can use Skype for video conferencing around the world.

Make sure your webcam is installed and fully functional.
Before you can begin using the Internet Skype video call functionality, you must first make sure your webcam is installed and fully operational. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install and configure your webcam. Use the manufacturer's software to test that your webcam works. If it doesn't, follow the appropriate troubleshooting steps. Once your webcam is ready, you can proceed to make a Skype video conferencing call.

Connect to Skype Video Call
To make a video call, you must first connect to Skype. Open your Skype software and connect, or go to to download Skype for your computer. If you're a new Skype user, open the Skype software, and you'll be prompted to create a new Skype account. From there, you can log on to administer or edit your account, or immediately begin making calls.

Find the user with whom you want to connect.
Once you're logged into Skype, find the user with whom you want to connect. You can go through your existing contact list to find the Skype video call user with whom you want to make a video conferencing call, or you can add a new contact. To add a new contact, go to the Contacts menu in your Skype Software, and click New Contact and type your contact's full name or Skype name. You can also click on Import Contacts and select an e-mail program from which to import contacts. Once you've got the correct contact on your list, find the user with whom you want to Connect.

Start a video conferencing call if the user is online.
Unlike other types of Skype calls, you can only start an Internet video call with another Skype user who is online. If the user you're trying to reach isn't online, you can't make a video call connection. Therefore, if you know you want to arrange a video conference with another Skype user, you should coordinate ahead of time so you'll know when to meet online. To initiate the video conference call, select the online Skype contact and click the green Video call button. It really is that easy.

What you see on a Skype Video Call
When you make a Skype video conference call, you'll see the party you're calling in the main video screen, and you'll see a small video of yourself as you appear to the caller. You can resize either video screen, or grab and drag the screen of yourself around within Skype to position your video wherever it's convenient. You can also send and receive Skype instant messages even when you're connected to a Skype video call.

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