How to Build a Virtual House for Fun

Want to build a virtual house for fun, but don't know how to get started? All you need is an account with the online virtual reality game, Second Life. Once you have joined Second Life, you can turn to virtual imaging to get ideas for a dream home or imagine life as a virtual homeowner.

Building A Virtual House In Second Life
Second Life is an online video game that offers the user an alternate reality. Players can have jobs, own real estate, socialize with one another and, yes, even build their own homes. There's a few different ways to make a house, but before you can do anything, you'll have to buy your own land. Land can be purchased by premium users; however, it costs real, not virtual money to become a premium user. If you aren't ready for that much reality, you can just lease land from other users for a little less. Once you've secured some land, you can start building.

Free Virtual Homes
Possibly the easiest way to get a house is to download one for free. By utilizing the search option on the bottom of the screen, you can enter the words "free stuff." The result should be a list of links that offer a variety of free virtual objects. Click on a virtual website to teleport there. Look around for houses that you can "buy" for free. When you find one you like, purchase it and teleport back home. Now you can set up the house as you like.

Prim Sweet Prim
Another way you can build a house is by manipulating virtual images known as prims. Prims are free shapes that can be molded into something new and placed on your land. By right-clicking on the ground, you can select the "Create" option. You can start with a cube shape and stretch, skew and flatten it into the roof, walls and floor of your house. Using Ctrl + L, you can link your shapes together. There is a limit to how many prims you can put on your land: The smaller the land, the fewer prims you can use, so keep that in mind before you start building.

Whether you buy a complete house or go with prims, you can build any type of home without worrying about condo associations, neighborhood associations or property taxes. And you might even come up with ideas that you can bring into the real world.

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