Make Your Own Virtual Superhero

Knowing how to make your own virtual superhero can be a blast if you're a comic book or film nut who loves the world of extra-powerful heroes and villains. While there may be many superheroes out there to admire, nothing is quite as satisfying as making a superhero that fits your own tastes. A few virtual imaging and design programs make the process easier, and it is also possible to create a character from scratch.

Programs And Applications
Several virtual websites were created with fans and creators in mind. HeroMachine, which can be found at, has free, dynamite superhero creation software, which comes with templates and guides. You can create several different categories of superheroes, including a Rock Star Hero and a Modern-Day Warrior. Also check out CartoonSolutions, which is a program that contains templates of basic bodies and poses.

Working From Scratch
Both Windows and Mac operating systems come with free paint programs that allow you to create a virtual superhero from scratch. For deft artists who like to make precise renderings of their heroes, preset templates may not be that exciting. It's worth mentioning that once a picture is completed, it can be enhanced and manipulated on visual editors such as Photoshop or GIMP, so you can create a superhero that fits your exact specifications. If you don't want to download a program, the free Online Image Editor allows you to upload and manipulate your image without leaving your browser.

Uploading And Sharing
After creating a superhero, it can be fun to share it with the world. Many artist and drawing message boards exist online for sharing drawings and getting feedback. Additionally, MySpace and Facebook have the capability to host your heroes, which can serve as wonderful avatars and backgrounds. Sharing allows others to give constructive criticism, enjoy your creations and perhaps be inspired themselves.

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