What Are Some Good Virtual Pets Sites

What are some good virtual pets sites? Virtual pets were all the rage in the mid 90's, with the Tamagotchi stuffed into nearly every tween's pocket. But now the Internet has taken the virtual pets out of our pockets and onto the Web.

What is a virtual pet in the first place?
Virtual pets are digital versions of real-life pets, such as dogs and cats, or even more exotic beings, such as bears or even dinosaurs. These virtual pets need care just like real animals do. You need to feed, walk and play with them so they can grow and become healthy, happy adults. All of this takes place in a virtual world, of course. Most virtual pet worlds operate like role playing games (RPGs), which give you a set of points that allow you to care for your pet, such as moving him to a different location to explore. The goal is to gain more experience points that make your pet stronger.

Which websites feature virtual pets?
Currently, several virtual websites offer the virtual pet experience. The website NeoPets allows you to sign up for free and choose from a customizable list of pets using virtual imaging. There's a large world for your pet to explore, plenty of games for you to play and even a fighting ring where you can pit your pet against another in a Pokémon style face-off. (Please do not attempt this with real pets.)

Another popular site is WebKinz. WebKinz is a brand of plush toy that comes with a code. Once you purchase one of these toys, you can use the code to access the WebKinz website, where you can control your pet in a virtual world. Other notable virtual pet sites include Chicka Pets, Petnebula and PowerPets. All offer their own unique style of play, so kids might want to try several different sites before settling on a favorite.

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