How to Delete Cookies

Deleting internet cookies is something you may need to do.  Cookies are pieces of text placed on a user's computer that track basic information such as the user's visit to a website, the parts of the website visited and the length of the visit. Usually such cookies are harmless, helpful even, as they allow users to save shopping carts and individual preferences. Other times though, websites allow their advertisers to place something called "third-party cookies" on a user's computer. These allow an advertiser to target its products to the individual user, and they can be annoying and invasive.

Deleting Internet Cookies in Internet Explorer
Open an internet window and click "Tools" at the top of your screen. Next select "Internet Options," then click on the "General" tab. Go to the "Browsing History" section and select "Delete." Now click "Delete cookies," then "Yes."

To only delete some cookies, begin the same way. Click "Tools" then "Internet Options." From the "General" tab go to the "Browsing History" and click "Delete." Now click "Settings" then "View Files." This is where you'll be able to select the cookies you want to delete. Press "Delete" then "OK" to save.

Deleting Internet Cookies in Mozilla Firefox
Open up Firefox and click "Tools." Then click "Options" and go to the "Privacy" tab. Next click "Show cookies." Select "Remove All Cookies."

If you want to delete only certain cookies, click "View cookies" and remove each individual cookie you wish.

Deleting Internet Cookies in Safari
From an open Safari window, click "Preferences." Select the "Security" icon and click "Show Cookies." Choose which cookies you want to clear and press "Delete."

Delete cookies regularly, either specific ones or all of them to maintain your internet privacy and avoid annoying advertisers from targeting you while surfing the internet.

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