How do I Enable Cookies on My Computer

Are you wondering "how do I enable cookies on my computer? Many websites use cookies to track its visitors. These websites place cookies on the user's computer to track the user's visits to the site, the parts of the site it looks at while there, and stores any preferences that the user may have (such as shopping carts or automatic logins).

How do I Enable Cookies on my Computer when using Internet Explorer?
To enable cookies in Internet Explorer, open up an Internet Explorer window and click "Tools." Then select "Internet Options" and click on the "Privacy" tab. Select the "Default" button and click "OK."

You also have the option of selecting specific cookies to allow. To do this under "Settings" click the "Advanced" button. First-party cookies are generally okay to allow, but you may not want to allow third-party cookies. Third-party cookies are cookies placed onto your computer by third-parties, or the advertisers of a website you've visited. By placing third-party cookies onto your computer, an advertiser can target its ads to you.

How to Enable Cookies in Mozilla Firefox
To enable cookies in Mozilla Firefox, again begin with a browser window open. Click on the "Tools" button and choose "Options." Click on "Privacy" then "Accept cookies from sites." Click "OK" to save your changes.

How do I Enable Cookies on My Computer When Using Safari (for Macs)
If you want to enable cookies in Safari, open the Safari menu and click "Preferences." Then choose "Security." Click "Always" in the "Accept Cookies" section. Click "OK" to save your changes.

You may find that, even if you would prefer to not allow your computer to accept cookies from websites, it's necessary to access certain sites. If you do enable cookies permanently, make sure you check back every so often and clear the cookies you don't want.

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