How Do You Make a Webshow

If you're wondering "How do you make a Webshow?" we have the answer for you. Internet video is the new force driving media today. If you want to get on board the Web video trend, here are some tips to help your Webshow become a success:

Get the proper equipment. Before you make a Web video, you'll need a computer with an Internet connection and a video camera. You'll want to get a video camera that has fairly good resolution and is easy to connect to a computer. Old video equipment is out of the question. A quality digital camcorder goes for as little as a few hundred dollars, so if you're serious about making a Webshow, it's worth it for you to reinvest in more modern video technology. Uploading should be as simple as a USB connection to your computer.

Develop an idea for your show. Once you have the hardware down, think of a premise that fits your life. Maybe you like movies, so you could create a Webshow where you review movies you have seen. The key is to make your Webshow current and entertaining. Humor is a huge part of whether a Webshow becomes successful. Try to make your Webshow as funny as possible so people keep coming back. Also keep it simple, as it is unlikely that you will be able to stage a sci-fi extravaganza week after week.

Keep the content short. If you are uploading your Webshow to a hosting site such as YouTube, know that there are size restraints to your file. YouTube won't let you upload a video over about 10 minutes long. Your goal with a Webshow should be to get and keep an audiences' attention as quickly as possible. The Internet is a seemingly endless pool of opportunity, and the next best thing is always a click away, so being quick and entertaining definitely works to your advantage as far getting and retaining viewership.

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