How to Build a Wifi Booster

Are you wondering how to build a WiFi booster? These do-it-yourself tips can help. Boosters are objects that increase your antenna's ability to pick up wireless signal. There's a few easy ways to do this using objects found in your home.

A WiFi Booster That Really Cooks: One way to get stronger WiFi Internet access is to make a booster out of a cooking strainer. These are ideal for their parabolic shape and metal frame. You'll need a wireless USB adapter and a USB extension cable for this to work best. Cut a hole out of the middle of the strainer, and place the wireless USB adapter in the hole. Connect the USB cable to the adapter and your computer. You can use the strainer's handle to mount the booster on your computer or a tripod. This should greatly increase the range your computer has to pick up WiFi service.

A Semi-Satellite Dish: Another way you can do this is with some cardboard and aluminum foil. Take a piece of cardboard, and bend it into a U shape. Glue aluminum foil around the inside of the U. Put another piece of straight, aluminum-foil-covered cardboard in the center of the U shape to help give it stability. Put your wireless USB adapter on the center piece. You can attach it using tape. If you want to extend your makeshift WiFi dish, try using products around the house. Mount the dish on some old piping or a broom handle.

Also, boosters should be used for your own wireless LAN or for picking up a free public signal. People have been arrested for stealing WiFi. Even if you don't get arrested, you won't make your neighbors very happy if you're hogging their signals. So make sure you're using the booster to increase the range of your personal wireless LAN.

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