How Do I Save YouTube Videos on My Computer

How do I save YouTube videos on my computer? The question has been asked by millions of people, and answered by only a few. Saving YouTube videos to a computer is not easy. Because videos on YouTube are in Flash video format, they need to be converted before they can actually be stored on a computer for future use. Luckily, several Web site applications and programs can do this for you.

Saving Videos Via Web Site Applications
Many Web sites exist that facilitate saving YouTube videos. Finding a Web site with the best downloading application can be hit or miss, as some are overly cumbersome or downright ineffective. For starters, check out KeepVid. KeepVid is a Web site that provides a space to copy and paste the URL, or address, of the YouTube video you wish to save. Click the download button after pasting the URL. Next, you will be presented with two available download options. One will be in MP4 format, and another in FLV format. Make sure you can play these before you download, or the files will be useless. After saving to your desktop, you may open them and enjoy. Another site worth checking out is Downloader9.

Windows XP Applications For Saving YouTube Videos
Should you feel so inclined, you can download applications for Windows XP that will allow you to save YouTube videos to your computer. A nice freeware application is the Orbit downloader. Another simple and free application is Videoslurp.

MAC OS X Applications for Saving YouTube Videos
If using the MAC OS X operating system, take a look at Chimoosoft's TubeTV. It's completely free and works with the same technology as high-priced programs. In general, be sure to try every available freeware downloader before buying a downloading program.

Although a wonderful site, You Tube hosts so many videos that it can be hard to find a specific one. Furthermore, videos are continually being shuffled, removed and added, so downloading them means you will always have access. That said, there are always copyright issues involved with downloading streaming files, and you should stick to downloading content that you made, public domain content or content that you have permission to download.

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