Video Sites Similar to YouTube

What video sites are similar to YouTube? Often asked but rarely answered, the question lingers in the mind of numerous online video enthusiasts. Because YouTube has revolutionized the world of Flash video and online visual media, it remains the site to which all others are compared. Regardless, sites such as Google Video, Vimeo and Metacafe are rapidly earning their keep. How, then, are these sites similar to the indispensable YouTube?

Google Video
Like YouTube, Google Video is a platform for embedding and viewing videos. As of 2009, Google Video no longer allows users to upload content, and in this way it differs from YouTube. Many are surprised to learn that Google actually bought YouTube in 2006. This means that searches performed on Google Video will also find results on YouTube. Google Video contains a larger number of professional media files, available for download at a cost. Many major network programs are hosted at Google Video, including a huge amount of viewable lectures and educational videos. While the restrictions on uploading may deter some, the site is beautifully designed and similar to YouTube in interface and format.

Whereas Google Video hosts a wealth of educational and professional content, Vimeo caters specifically to amateur filmmakers, artists or anyone with personally created content to share. While YouTube and Google Video have intermittently come under fire for hosting copyrighted content, Vimeo hosts only original viewer and member content. If the idea of an amateur, underground community appeals to you, give Vimeo a shot. Again, the site uses a viewing and uploading process similar to the one used on YouTube.

For those who enjoy the YouTube format but are perpetually crunched for time, Metacafe specializes in hosting short videos, clocking in at around 90 seconds on average. YouTube videos can be lengthy, and deciphering a video's entertainment value can take quite awhile. Metacafe attempts to avoid this and puts considerable emphasis on hosting videos based on user responses and preferences. This limits a user's ability to upload his own content, as unpopular videos will be jettisoned.

Enjoying A Variety Of Video Sites
YouTube consistently brings fascinating videos to the world by relying heavily on viewer participation. However, YouTube isn't the only bull in the rodeo. Google Video, Vimeo and Metacafe all have different types of content from You Tube, while still being just as easy to use.

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