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What is Farkle? Farkle is a dice game, not unlike a bunko game, except Farkle uses 6 dice. If you have an account on Facebook, you've probably been invited to play Farkle by a friend. Farkle is one of many online computer games that have sprung up over social networking sites such as Facebook. Let's take a look at how it works.

Scoring: The object is to score points by rolling the dice. Rolling a 1 or a 5 is the most valuable. Rolling a 1 gets you 100 points, and a 5 gets you 50. Any other number doesn't score points unless you roll a three of a kind or higher. Three of a kind of 1's scores 1000 points. Three of a kind of any other number gets you that number times 100 points. For example, three of a kind 4's scores 400 points. If you roll four or more of the same number, the score doubles. Points are also awarded if you roll a straight or three of any pair in a single roll.

Getting Started: When you start out, you are competing with yourself to get the highest score possible. A turn begins with a roll of the dice. You must score points for the turn to continue. If you don't, a Farkle is declared and you receive 0 points for the turn. If you do score, the scoring dice are set aside, and you can roll the remaining dice again. You must score at least 300 points to move on to the next turn. If you use all the dice to score points, the turn is extended, and the dice are rolled again. A player takes 10 rounds of turns before the game is finished and the total points are tallied.

Farkle On Facebook: Once you have earned 10,000 points, you can become a pro and Farkle with your friends on Facebook. To play Farkle, you just need to sign up for a Facebook account and download the Farkle application. It's free and easy to do.

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The Farkle dice game is easy to learn, but, despite its simplicity, it is still an addictive game of chance that is perfect for Facebook users.

Want to know how to play Farkle? Although Farkle is now popular online, it is pretty much the same game you would play with a real cup and some dice.

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With a smart Farkle strategy and knowledge of how the game operates in Facebook, you can conquer your friends easily.

By picking up Farkle rules, you'll have a better chance of beating your buddies in this popular online dice game.

"Where can I play Farkle?" Although Farkle is by no means a new game, it has become popular online, and it's easy to find places for honing your Farkle skills.

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