Guide to Farkle Rules

With this guide to Farkle rules, you can jump right into this digital dice game. While Farkle has been around for a long time, a recent surge in popularity of dice games online has rejuvenated its reputation. Because the rules of Farkle are anything but intuitive, you may have been intimidated to even try and play. However, a review of the rules can teach any potential players what they need to know.

Players And Materials
Before learning the rules of Farkle, it's worth understanding what's usually needed to play in a real-world Farkle game. Then, you can apply the rules to the virtual world. To play Farkle, you will need six dice and at least two people. Some players enjoy using a cup for shaking the dice in real-world Farkle. A pencil or pen and some paper are necessary for keeping score, but most online Farkle games will do it for you.

Object Of The Game
The object of Farkle is to be the first player to score 10,000 points. Certain numbers and combinations of the rolled dice have a specific value, and the roller with the best luck wins by accumulating the most points.

Procedures And Rules
Each player rolls the dice in turn. In order to get on the scoreboard, the player must roll at least 1,000. On a roll, a 1 is worth 100 points, and a 5 is worth 50 points. Two 1s equals 200, and three 1s equals 500. Two 5s equals 100 points, and three 5s equals 500 points. A straight is worth 1000, and that means the dice combine for an order of 1-2-3-4-5-6. Any set of 3 equals the number multiplied by 100. That is, three 3s equals 300, and three 5s equals 500. After you score, you can remove those dice and bank them for points, or roll the remaining dice again. The risk of rolling again is that you may roll numbers or combinations with no value. This is called a Farkle. If you roll a Farkle, you lose your points.

Scoring Variations And Options
Some players choose to add their own scoring quirks, either by changing the value of combinations or the manner in which a player can reach 10,000 points. There may be more flexible interpretations of the rules online, as there are with many Web games. Being imaginative with scoring can be fun, and also create a more customized Farkle experience.

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