What Is Facebook Farm Town

Want to learn to play Facebook Farm Town? It is one of the games growing in popularity on Facebook. Wondering what this Farm Town is that you keep seeing updates about on your friends' news feeds?

Facebook Farm Town is a computer farm game.
Farm Town is a computer farm game. What does this mean, exactly? The core of the game revolves around plowing fields, planting seeds and harvesting crops. You can sell the harvested crops immediately, or you can take them to the marketplace to sell them for more cash. However, Farm Town goes beyond this functionality to create a fun, interactive game that you can share with your friends and use to make new ones.

Farm Town encourages cooperation among friends.
Farm Town rewards you for involving your friends in your game. You can add your Facebook friends as Farm Town neighbors if they have accounts, too. Once they're neighbors, you can send and receive gifts, giving you access to a range of items you might not yet have or simply free items that you'd otherwise have to pay to acquire. Having neighbors also gives you an opportunity to help them by performing tasks around their farms, which can earn you extra cash in the game and give you an opportunity to visit your neighbors and admire their farms.

Farm Town includes interactive elements.
Beyond simply enabling you to add Facebook friends as neighbors and encouraging you to visit, Farm Town includes interactive elements missing from some other Facebook computer farm games. When you go to the marketplace in Farm Town, not only can you sell your crops for more than you'd get if you sell them immediately, but you can also hire other players to help you around your farm.

When you hire players, you get a bonus to the cash you make, and you don't have to perform all the work yourself. The players that you hire get cash for performing tasks on your farm. It's a win-win situation and also gives you the opportunity to meet and chat with new friends.

Coins, cash and leveling up.
While you don't actually "win" a game like Farm Town, you do unlock items and make achievements throughout the game that reward you for your progress. As you complete most of the tasks in the game, such as harvesting items or placing buildings on your property, you get experience and coins. You can use the coins to buy items in the store, such as seeds for crops, or buildings and design elements. As you gain experience, you go up in level, and leveling unlocks new items in the store. Therefore, you've got a host of rewards for playing and leveling in Farm Town.

Design your perfect farm.
Always wanted to settle down and buy the proverbial farm? With Farm Town, you can do exactly that. While much of the game's focus is on the functional tasks, such as harvesting and selling crops, you also have the ability to create a farm in whatever style you like. You can add buildings, including houses and barns, and you can add design elements, such as water, fences, hedges and flowers. Design and landscape your ideal farm until you can save up to retire and buy the real thing.

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Farm Town designs can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be. With the right know-how, you can create structures and optical illusions to alter the visual style of your farm drastically.

Mainly for beginners but anyone can learn something new or maybe answer a question about the game here.

Facebook Farm Town tips can help you make the most of your Farm Town experience. Do you know which crops make the most money, or how to level more quickly? These tips can point you in the right direction.

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