Useful Facebook Farm Town Tips

A few Farm Town tips can help you turn your farm from a budding hobby to a beautiful and lucrative property. As you advance in experience and earn more money, more options are available to grow and beautify your farm.

Plant the right crops at the right times.
Crops take a certain amount of time to mature, but when they do, you have a finite window in which to harvest them. Therefore, it's important to plant the right crops at the right times. Grapes, for example, mature in four hours; wait too long after that, and they'll wither and you'll lose your entire crop. If you'll be able to log in after four hours to check your crops, plant grapes; otherwise, plant a crop that won't require you to log in as frequently.

Store and sell crops for more cash.
In Farm Town, if you harvest and sell your crops immediately, you get less cash than if you harvest and store your crops. The only catch with harvesting and storing is that you have the additional step of going to market to sell your crops. However, going to market only takes a minute or two, and it can yield you a lot of extra cash, so always store and sell your crops. Don't forget to go to market, though, or you can lose your crop.

Hire workers to make extra cash.
When you go to market, you perform two tasks: selling crops and hiring workers. If you hire workers to help with the tasks around your farm, you make 25% more on your crops than you would otherwise. Hiring workers also helps them to stockpile cash. If you want to make extra money on your harvests, or just avoid doing the work yourself, hire workers to earn extra cash and get some help around the farm.

Help your friends out for cash.
When you have neighbors on Farm Town, you can help them out in return for earning a few extra bucks. Sometimes, when you're playing, a dialog box pops up saying that your friend needs help and asking if you're willing. Otherwise, you can go to the My Neighbors tab to see if any of your neighbors need help. Simply follow the dialog boxes to help your neighbors out and earn cash. You may need to buy supplies in order to do it, though, so always keep a little cash on hand for the potential to earn more.

Buy items to earn experience.
Those decorative items you see in the store aren't just for show. You can earn experience points by adding these items to your farm. Some of them can get quite expensive, but it's a handy way to tap into more experience, especially at higher levels. Simply buy and place them on your property to receive the experience for each piece.

FarmCash is a scarce commodity.
Farm Town creators have added the concept of FarmCash to this computer farm game. You earn simple coins by selling crops and helping friends out, but those are stored separately from FarmCash. You earn FarmCash by unlocking certain achievements in the game, but there aren't a lot of opportunities to earn it, so it's a scarce commodity. Some items can be purchased only with FarmCash, so be careful how you spend it, or be prepared to fork over some cold, hard dollars in return for extra FarmCash.

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The Facebook Farm Town game is easy and fun to play. Have questions on the specifics? Here's everything you need to know to get started with planting crops and building up your farm.

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