What Is the Facebook FarmVille Game

Over 47 million people play the FarmVille game on Facebook. What is this game, and why is it so popular?

FarmVille is a computer farm game.
FarmVille is a computer farm game that lets you plant crops, harvest them, sell them and experience the normal cycle of running a farm. Crops are ready to harvest in a certain period of time, and if you don't harvest them on time, they wilt, and you lose them. In this way, FarmVille promotes regularly checking Facebook so you can harvest your crops. FarmVille also enables you to have animals and collect and sell produce, in addition to building traditional farm structures and beautifying your farm.

How the FarmVille game works.
The basic premise of FarmVille is that you plow fields, plant crops, harvest them and then begin the cycle anew. As you advance in levels, you unlock new crops to sell and new items to buy or add to your farm. All crops cost money to plant, but different types of crops cost more or less and yield more or less when you harvest.

Crops also require different periods of time to mature and be ready for harvesting, so different types of farmers use different strategies to maximize profits or ensure there's always something to harvest. As you sell crops and gain experience harvesting, you move up in level and unlock new crops and items to purchase.

The object of FarmVille.
The object of FarmVille varies, depending on your personal preferences. It's not a game that you "win." In theory, the object of FarmVille is to make money so you can expand and improve upon your farm, and to gain experience so you can unlock new items. However, different players take different approaches to the game.

Some people focus on making cash so they can grow their farms quickly and easily and buy any items they might desire. Other people focus on power-leveling, or growing experience as quickly as possible. Still others play just for the joy of planting different crops, looking at how it's all laid out and reminding themselves of a natural process that is growing far too scarce in today's society.

No matter what your play style, you can find something to love about FarmVille and discover your own reasons for playing this highly addictive game.

FarmVille encourages you to connect with friends.
FarmVille has a built-in bonus system that encourages you to connect with your Facebook friends. When you make your Facebook friends neighbors in FarmVille, you can help out on their farm and make money. You can also send one another gifts, which can be quite costly if you buy them, but are free when you receive them from a friend. This encourages you to connect with friends on FarmVille and also to grow the game organically by inviting non-players to participate. Anyone with a Facebook account can play; all you have to do is install the application and go.

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