How to Play FarmVille on Facebook

Want to play FarmVille on Facebook and show your friends that you, too, can grow virtual crops? FarmVille is a Sim-like computer farm game that is easy to learn.

Install the FarmVille application.
If you want to play FarmVille on Facebook, you will need to install the application. If you have friends who play, you can simply click the "Play FarmVille Now" option on the FarmVille updates that pop up in your news feed. If you don't have friends who play FarmVille and want to start from scratch, simply type FarmVille in the Facebook Search box, and the first link that pops up is the application. Click the "View Application" button, and follow the instructions to install it.

Create your avatar.
Once you've installed FarmVille, you need to create your avatar. You have tons of customization options to tweak your character's appearance down to skin tone, hair and face. This avatar represents your farmer, so choose a look you like.

Follow the tutorial to learn about crops and harvesting.
After you finalize your avatar, FarmVille plops you right down into the middle of the game with a brief tutorial. Follow the instructions in the tutorial to begin learning about crops and harvesting. The tutorial shows you how to harvest and how to tell when it's time to harvest.

Plow land, and plant crops.
To expand your farm, you need to plow land and plant new crops. You can plow fallow land after you harvest, or plow new plots to expand your farm. Plowing costs money, however, as does buying seeds, so don't grow your expansion too quickly, or you'll run out of cash.

The crops you plant take a certain amount of time to harvest. If you're going to be back on FarmVille in a few hours, you can plant crops with a short harvest time. If you're going to be away for a longer time, you'll want to plant crops that take longer to grow to maturity, so you don't miss your opportunity to harvest them.

Level up to buy new seeds.
When you start playing FarmVille, you have only a small base collection of seeds you can plant. As you gain experience by plowing, planting and harvesting, you level up and gain access to new types of seeds. The more you play, the faster you can gain experience and level up, so keep this in mind if you're waiting eagerly for the time when you get access to a certain seed.

Invite friends to become neighbors.
Another key aspect of FarmVille is the ability to invite your Facebook friends to become FarmVille neighbors. When a Facebook friend is a neighbor, you can send and receive gifts. You can also help your neighbors harvest crops and get paid for it, which in turn provides more cash you can spend on seeds and growing your farm.

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