How to Play Two-Player Minecraft

When you play two-player MinecraftR, you enhance the game by making it a social activity. On the Xbox 360R you can even enable a two-player split-screen option. Read below to learn how to play the video game with another person.

Other games: Why play two-player Minecraft?

A key reason to play two-player Minecraft is to make the game more social. Rather than gaming being a solitary activity, you can invite a friend and chat online to one another. Another advantage is that you can work together on tasks, such as building projects, to complete them more quickly than you would alone. You can also trade tips and cheats with the other player to help you gain achievements in the game.

Xbox 360 for a two-player game

On Xbox 360, you can play Minecraft with another player online or offline. To get the two-player split screen you must hook the game up through a television. The hookup to the TV must be done with an HD or HDMI cable.

After the cable is in place, pick up the controller and press the Home button on it. On the TV menu, go to console Settings. Click on Display and then select the option for HDTV display picture of 720p or higher. The term "p" refers to the HDMI video mode.

Next, add the second controller to the game. You are now ready to play two-player Minecraft. Note that if you are offline, only gold players can join. For online activities, silver level or higher players can play with you. When the second player joins the game, you will see him or her appear on the TV in a split screen; your player's activities are the second part of the screen.

Create a server to play Minecraft with another player

To play two-player Minecraft on PC, you can create your own server. Rather than using a third-party server, which involves playing with several other people, you can simply construct a server with port-forwarding abilities. To do so, begin by going to the Minecraft Web site.

The next step is to download the server file from the Web site. Run it in a file and then invite a second player to join the same virtual world. To invite another person, give the Internet Protocol (IP) address, or the unique code for your computer, to him or her. Activate the port-forwarding feature for post 25565.

If you do not wish to use port forwarding you can also create a two-player game through a Local Area Network (LAN). In the LAN set-up, you and the other player can connect through a router. When you limit the number of people to two, then you have two-player Minecraft.

In two-player mode, Minecraft acquires a social element missing in single-player games. You have the ability to text chat with the other player, explore a world together, and team up on tasks. To enable the two-player option on Xbox 360, you need an HD or HDMI cable. On PC you can create your own server for the two of you. Add variety to your game by joining another player today!

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