Four Differences Between Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii

Along with the MicrosoftR Xbox 360, the SonyR PlayStationR 3 (PS3) and NintendoR Wii are popular gaming consoles that provide players with hours of gaming entertainment. The PlayStation consoles were the largest competition to the Xbox until the interactive Wii hit the market. Although they each offer their own unique features, consider these four differences between PlayStation 3 and Wii before making that ultimate purchase.


Perhaps the most apparent difference between the PlayStation 3 and Wii is the price. When it was first released, the PS3 was the most expensive gaming console ever made. In 2011, the 160GB PS3 system averaged $250, while the Wii, with its small 512MB internal flash memory and external SD memory card slot for extra storage, averaged $150. The PS3 is also available with a 320GB memory for about $300. The pricing difference has a lot to do with the extras that the PS3 offers over the Wii.

Game play

Most of the popular titles enjoyed by hardcore gamers are available on both the PS3 and Wii; however, the game play is substantially different. The Wii revolutionized interactive gaming with its elongated controller that responds to the player's motion. For classic play, Wii gamers will have to purchase the Classic Controller Pro which is sold separately. The PS3 comes standard with a classic-style controller, and gamers can purchase the interactive PlayStation Move for about $100 additional.

Multiplayer gaming

Multiplayer ability is a must for most hardcore gamers. This feature allows gamers to play with or against other gamers around the world. PS3 offers the PlayStation Network, which is primarily a free service for multiplayer action. The Wii has its version of online gaming known as Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (WFC), also a free service. Perhaps one of the biggest differences in the multiplayer capability is the realism or supreme graphics that are more prevalent with the PS3.

More than games

Both the Wii and PS3 are more than gaming consoles, but each has its own unique features. Both consoles allow movie watchers to stream their favorite flicks via Netflix. But when it comes to non-gaming entertainment, that is where the similarities end. The PS3 is the first gaming console that accommodates Blu-ray movies, and it offers an internal memory that allows gamers to store their games, music, videos and photos. The PS3 also supports Hulu Plus, CinemaNow and VUDU, while the Wii has its own news and weather forecast channel, plus a photo channel that allows Wii owners to display personal digital photos on their TVs.

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