The Best Peripherals for Your Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo WiiR has been a game changer for the world of video games, with its original wireless motion controls and selection of fun titles to play. In order to have the best gaming set-up possible, however, you can choose from many peripherals for your Nintendo Wii to improve the functionality of the system and the experience of certain games. Take a look around at some of the best accessories for the Wii console, and see what would make an ideal addition to your set up.

Controller recharging station

Anyone who plays with the Wii wireless controllers knows that the batteries can be used up quickly, sometimes within a day or two of heavy use. Choose from a variety of recharging stations for your Wii remotes so you can stop switching out batteries like they're going out of style. Energizer and several other brands make recharging stations that allow you to use rechargeable batteries in your Wii-motes and simply charge them when not in use.

SD memory card

If you love downloading games through your Wii, you might find that the system's internal storage space is very limited. Luckily, the console has an SD card slot, which means you can create all the extra space you need for games and other downloads. SD cards are relatively inexpensive, so even if you fill a couple of them with extra games, it can be well worth it for your Nintendo Wii set-up.

The Wii Blaster

Games such as Call of Duty and Resident Evil have shown that the Wii remote makes an excellent way to play first-person shooters. Make the feeling even more realistic with the Wii Blaster peripheral, which turns your Wii remote and nunchuck into a light gun and allows easy aiming and shooting. The Blaster is simply a well-designed, gun-shaped plastic casing that holds your controller and nunchuck in the ideal position for playing shoot-'em-up games.

The Wii nunchuck

A Wii nunchuck is usually included with every system sold, but it's worth getting an extra one for each controller that you have. The nunchuck takes the abilities of the regular Wii remote and makes it into the two-handed control needed for certain games. From boxing to Super MarioR Galaxy, many games are simply unplayable without the nunchuck -- and it's a Nintendo Wii peripheral that should be considered a mandatory addition to your gaming accessories.

The racing wheel

The long, stick-like controller for the Nintendo Wii might be effective for many types of gaming, but it's not ideal for racing games. Nintendo had this in mind when they created the racing wheel, which took a simple idea and executed it perfectly. Simply tuck the Wii remote into the plastic wheel, and turn it as if you were driving an actual car. Super Mario Kart will never be the same again!

Whether you're looking for a way to store more games or the best way to take Mario for a spin, there are a plethora of peripherals and accessories that can help you make the most of your Nintendo Wii system.

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