Get a Gaming Edge with the Right Home Computer Desk

Get an edge with the right gaming computer desk. Say you've built an awesome gaming computer, but now you need a home computer desk? Don't just settle for any old desk if you're a hard-core gamer.

Comfort First
Serious gamers spend hours at their desks. Because you'll spend such a long time at your gaming computer desk, make sure the thing is comfortable. Find a desk that is appropriately sized for your height. Make sure you've got plenty of leg room under the desk. If you use a chair with arm rests, test the desk to ensure you can get the arm rests under the desk or close enough to be comfortable.

Elevated Monitor Platforms Are a Must
Ergonomics may not be hip, but neck and back pain is sure to drag down your in-game performance if you're playing for hours at a time. One of the biggest causes of strain is having to look down at a monitor that lives on a low desktop, or up at a monitor mounted on the wall or on top of a ledge. Make sure your gaming computer desk has an elevated monitor platform that puts the monitor at about eye-level to ensure you won't be straining to view the monitor. As a bonus, you can use the space under the monitor platform for additional storage.

Keep the Keyboard and Mouse in Easy Reach.
Hardcore gamers typically have special keyboards and custom gaming mice to enhance their reflexes and performance. These gaming computer keyboards are often larger than a standard keyboard, so they need more space on a desktop. Built-in keyboard trays that only fit a standard-size keyboard won't cut it. Trays that live below the surface of the desk are another thing to avoid, because you don't want your hands bouncing back and forth between different levels while you play. The keyboard and mouse must be at the same level. 

Skip those mouse trays that slide out of the way too. If you're using a high-end optical mouse, you'll probably want to have a mouse pad. Look for enough space on the desktop to get your mouse and keyboard side by side, leaving enough room for those exaggerated mouse movements that are a part of most gaming sessions.

Check Out Curved Designs
Curved gaming computer desks may be the best solution for you to effectively utilize the space for gaming peripherals. Curved desks let you get in closer and have your mouse and keyboard closer to your body, reducing the need to reach out for them and providing more support for your body. If you have a lot of gaming peripherals, even a curved gaming computer desk may not be enough; you may want to consider a desk with multiple tiers and platforms that come out and away from the desk, surrounding you for easy access to your peripherals.

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